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"In a comfortable, fast and safe boat, experience one of the most magical contacts with true nature: Whale and Dolphin Watching."



The Azores are currently one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world. Between common and rare and resident and migratory species, one can spot 24 different types of cetaceans in Azorean waters. The number is impressive and represents a third of all existing species. We are a unique ecosystem.

With the presence of majestic whales and playful dolphins, the blue of the Atlantic becomes even more magical and blessed around these nine islands. And it brings to the present, when preservation is the key word, an old cry: “Whale in sight!”


Base Peter Zee

Base Peter Zee is the starting point for all tours.

Before the adventure begins, there is a small briefing to clarify some of the most frequently asked questions, particularly about cetaceans, safety rules or even the Azores sea.

Take the opportunity to learn more about the other activities of Peter’s.

7 good reasons to do a whale watching on a catamaran instead of a rigid-inflatable boat

  1. Better visibility, not only because the boat is taller, but also because you can make the observation from the bow: a balcony in the sea
  2. 4 hours it’s a long time to be seated: move, there’s no shortage of space
  3. Protection against the elements of Nature: avoid getting soaked, or sunburned
  4. Greater visibility, mobility and protection, translates into better photos, and less likelihood of soaking your camera
  5. Being a catamaran, in the event of an engine malfunctioning, there is less probability of having to swim back to shore: we have another
  6. The ability to carry more customers and the low frequency of propeller rotations translates into fewer boats in the water, less impact on animal habitats, and happier animals
  7. … without forgetting that we have a WC – in 4 hours, believe us, it makes the difference


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