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A pub at first sight like so many others – two counters, shelves where rums, whiskeys and gins coexist, and tables and chairs filled with people eating, drinking, talking … However, over the years and with the immense trot of footprints that have been passing here, from these walls and counters, tables and shelves, stories and experiences have flourished, which besides decorating, integrate and mystify the atmosphere of this house.

From the blue of the façade, the legacy of the Great Wars, to pieces of art in bone and whale’s teeth, reflections of the toil, hard life and suffering and of the Azorean survival. Insignias, stickers, letters and drawings, nothing less than materialized memories of the presence of a World, people coming from countries and continents, and all those who move between the waves, with life between the fists and the future between their fingers, caressed by the rough hand of life, chalked by the texture of a sheet.

In this room, among the dozens of wooden boards, painted by the spectrum of flags worn by the sun, by the sea and by so much life, we hear a cacophony of babel, the singing of the people, the nations, and the countryless vagabonds that now, eve if only for a brief moment, found a house, day after day … year after year … decade after decade.

Over the last 100 years, Peter Café Sport has become a place to support the yachtsmen that cross the Atlantic, as a bar, a restaurant, an information center, a post office, an exchange office, a meteorological delegation and sometimes a house of mercy, thus becoming a symbol of genuine friendship for all those who pass by.

Early on the morning of the 20th of July I spotted Pico ap¬pearing above the clouds at starboard. Lower lands were ap-pearing at a distance as the sun was dissipating the morning fog and I could see the islands showing up one by one. When I got closer I could see the farmland and I realized “how green are the cornfields”. Only those who saw Azores from the deck of a boat can understand how beautiful this landscape in the middle of the ocean is.
Joshua Slocum. “Around the world alone”
Stopover in paradise | When you are coming from Bermuda after New York and its bordering ports and 20 days later you arrive in Horta, Azores, you not only feel that you have taken a leap in space but also a leap in time. After the frenetic, insipid and greedy life of the robot men you find yourself surrounded by calm and very hospitable people.
Marcel Bordiaux “At 4 winds of Aventura 2”
Henrique Azevedo, subtle, honest and generous towards those who fail, is one of the most remarkable men I have ever known. Henrique buys, sells or exchanges nearly everything. He is like an eccentric St. Christopher for the foreign sailors.
Ben Carlin. 1949
Peter Café Sport is one of the most beautiful things that I know. This means, it is just like in a romantic novel, or a movie, or a Around me none of the characters let me down. They come from all over the world and became an unexpected, cosmopolitan and universal group because Peter proudly considers himself “a safe haven to the yachtsmen that cross the Atlantic”. In Horta, going to Peter’s is like going to the fountain. Near the port, the small bar decorated with the yacht flags is one of the details that characterize a place, which allows you to distinguish it.
My tribute to Peter´s good Spirit where one can socialize and make friends! Where one can dream! He is a kind of Peter Pan from wonderland travelling across the sea, across the World.
Raúl, 1983
Paris has Harry’s Bar, Singapore has Raffles and New York has Mc¬Sorley’s Saloon, Faial in the middle of the Atlantic has Peter’s Bar where lonely sailors meet.
Patrick Reyena. “Associeted Press”, 1986
Peter is a really nice person… even if you don’t drink.
“Newsweek”, 1986
There are those who wait for us, in the middle of the route of the end, someone who has open their arms to warm us and wave at the end.
Song of Trovantes, dedicated to Peter, 1990
Café Sport is the symbol of the paths of free men around our beautiful world without racial or cultural boundaries.
Jacinto Viladomier. “Deep Blue”, 1990
Horta is a magical city where everything related to oceanic sailing can happen. It´s harbour is a legend, Café sport is a legend, and Peter is a legend. And legends attract other legends. At the Café Sport museum there are 3 whale teeth with the portraits of the most important solo sailors that arrived in Horta. Joshua Slocum, Francis Chiscester, Eric Tabarly.
Notícias do Mar”, 1993
Astonished, I go upstairs to see the Scrimshaw museum where I can enjoy dozens of whale teeth that sailors polished, engraved and painted “during long journeys and waits” with “islands, people and “saudade””. One can also see Neptune´s pho¬tography taken when he paid a visited during the big storm of 1986.
Maria José Nogueira Pinto. “Público”, 1993
Definitely the most famous sailor´s bar of the world. It is run by the Azevedo family, who, for several generations, has been welcoming all sailors who cast anchor in Azores.
“Cruising World”, 1999
The world´s most legendary bar.
“Voiles”, 2004
When I saw this place for the first time, I realized that the serene environment of the café actually concealed a chaotic universe. The café was filled with ideas and viewpoints from all corners of the world, and these ideas were intermingling and colliding with each other. (…) The people here partici¬pate in what seems like an almost random combination of ideas. One conversation leads into another, and it is difficult to guess what idea will come up next. Peter’s Café is a nexus point in the world, one of the most extreme I have ever seen.
Frans Johansson, “What is the Medici Effect and How Can It Help Me Innovate?”, Harvard Business Press
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