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José Azevedo
Baleias Expresso
Length: 13 m   Length: 9.12 m
Width: 5.30 m   Width: 4.18 m
Capacity: 45 people   Capacity: 12 people
Toilets: Yes (2)   Toilets: Yes
Duration: 4-hour trip   Duration: 4-hour trip
Departures: 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM   Departures: 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM


10 good reasons to do a whale watching on a
catamaran instead of a rigid-inflatable boat
  1. The viewing angle is much bigger due to the greater height, and you can spot the animals even under water and not only when they come above water. The sighting can be done at a greater distance, without the interference of waves.

  2. There is a greater freedom of movement – for 3 to 4 hours it is possible to travel to various parts of the boat. On a rigid-inflatable boat, time is spent in a small seat with little or no mobility.

  3. One of the most popular places for dolphin watching is the bow of the boat, as one can see from the top down, and there are two bows on a catamaran, so this capability is duplicated.

  4. The availability of toilets, allowing you to attend to the calls of nature in an appropriate place, not in the sea or in a bucket.

  5. Greater protection for photographic equipment and a greater likelihood of getting better images more easily.

  6. Better protection against the elements of nature: sun, wind, rain and sea.

  7. On days with higher waves, a catamaran offers better conditions, avoiding the soaking of both the customer and the respective photographic equipment.

  8. The ability to eat a snack on board (sandwich, juice or water), to listen to music or to watch videos about cetaceans.

  9. In case one engine fails, there is another one, avoiding being dependent on other vessels, as it happens on rigid-inflatable boats.

  10. Given the greater capacity to carry customers, the number of vessels around the whales will be about three times smaller, and given the low frequency of rotation of the propeller, the impact of noise on the animals under water is much smaller.

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