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Peter Café Sport - best bar in the world for yachtsmen


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Peter Café Sport
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"If you sail to Horta and you don't visit Peter's, you have not actually been to Horta." This is, especially among yachtsmen, a common phrase repeated several times and expresses a reality that was built around a coffee house-bar that has attained a remarkable global projection, first among international yachtsmen for whom Peter’s provides shelter, support and the right atmosphere for lively socializing and pleasant conversations. Later ordinary travelers and tourists also sought there the mystique and fame of a special atmosphere enjoying a gin and tonic. In addition to the sheltering, relaxation and socializing that 20th-century sailors look for at Peter’s, the demand for Horta also lies in the privileged strategic position that the Azores occupy between America and Europe, turning them into an unavoidable stopover while crossing the Atlantic.



"From currency exchange establishment to poste restante, from yacht club to information bureau, from weather forecast delegation to charity instituition, from tourist attraction to international visiting room, “Peter” is not just another café, but a world famous instituition."

Espaço Magazine 
n.º 3, Outubro 1980

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