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"Eric Hiscok, Around the World in Wanderes III, 1955

in Wanderes III". 1955

The owner of the Café Sport and his son lost their time to assist us in various matters and get us a daily dose of wild strawberries.

"Cruising Association"

Cruising Association The London Cruising Association now has a representative in Faial. Mr. José Azevedo, the internationally known “Peter” from the Café Sport, has just been invited to represent in Faial the Cruising Association, an organization based in London. This English association has hundreds of members, some of which have visited our island on board their yachts.

O Telégrafo, 1967

O Telégrafo, 1970

Boats are not only attracted by the beauty of the land but also by Peter’s fraternity. "Peter" is an international name. Peter’s Café is known in France, America, Japan.

Dias Junior, A União, 1971

Frankly, there are reasons for the increased global interest to the extent that the practice of sailing becomes increasingly disseminated.
And the name “Café Sport” appears in international guides as a link in the middle of the Atlantic. Mail from the four corners of the world arrives in the Azores at the Café Sport, thus a constant and effective promotion of the name of the Azores. The Café Sport is a source of pride and provides valuable services in advertising the good name of this Land and of its People.
It is undoubtedly an establishment of public utility. It is necessary to recognize it and to give it the corresponding material dignity.

O Telégrafo, 1971

Sir Francis Chichester and the Café Sport in a moment of distress

As it was reported, three days after departing Horta, the Gipsy Moth was caught in a strong storm and suffered heavy damage; being flooded, it led its only crew member to believe that the final hour had arrived not only for the yacht but also for him. The moments when he considered his salvation to be impossible were marked by a sentimental detail; Sir Francis Chichester writes that his thoughts turned to his wife Sheila, to his son Giles and also to some old friends, among them "a man named Peter, owner of a small coffee house in Horta.\

Correio dos Açores, 1971

Jaime Saint-Maurice, who is a true journalist, may have been in Castelo Branco for the opening of the airport, but what is known for sure is that he was in Horta going through those cases that have a trivial face and unusual underpinnings. Hence its "home of the world" which is none other than the "Café Sport" of Horta, a typical coffee house on the waterfront of Santa Cruz, where all yachtsmen that cross the North Atlantic end up brought by the fetish of a name - "Peter." "Peter" is a "saint and a password" for yachtsmen from all over the world who enter the port of Horta, and his "Café Sport" is a temptation to all journalists that go there. And Saint-Maurice was no exception, and despite everyone being head over heels with the airport he, a journalist, went to the "Sport" for the inevitable chat with Henrique Azevedo and with Peter.

Drinking a gin and tonic at Peter's is part of the art of sailing.

Diário de Notícias, 1978

Correio da Manhã, 1979

If you pass by Horta, don’t forget Peter’s...

As far as tourism is concerned, Peter’s Café is in Horta, Azores. It is the most important place for the concentration of tourists; its gin and tonic is known throughout the world; its friendliness is universal; the walls of the coffee house bear witness to all of this; its photo albums are the real evidence that, among ambassadors, naval attachés and even some princesses, its fame is not only universal but also royal ... And why? Why is a small café, across the street from the sea which surrounds Horta on all sides (except one), so well known worldwide? Because there is no war vessel, yacht, amateur sloop or racing boat whose crew did not go to Peter’s to drink a gin and tonic and local wine and eat their extraordinary delicacies.

Carlos Lage

Correio dos Açores, 1981

"I was wonderfully welcomed in Horta."
"I have disembarked in 33 different ports. It was beautiful; it was a unique experience that allowed me to meet other people, as well as different places... I’ve never found a café such "Sport Peter" in any other place, not even in South Africa."

Correio da Manhã, 1982

From foreign exchange office to general delivery, from yacht club to news agency, from weather station to charitable institution, from tourist attraction to welcoming house for international visitors, Peter's is not simply a coffee house but a world-renowned institution.

A gin and tonic at Peter’s

In Horta, going to Peter's is like going to the source. Next to the harbor, the small bar is decorated with yacht flags and this is one of those details that characterizes and distinguishes the spot.
Expresso, 1983

José Daniel Macide

O Telégrafo, 1984

Café Sport is its proper name. "Peter" is the nickname. Henrique Ávila Azevedo. Barman from next-to-the-quay. Many years ago, he surreptitiously prepared me the first gin and tonic that I emptied here in Horta. I have known him with thinner looks, completely white hair and a disguised smile. There are things and faces that we never forget. Whatever lies in this singing voice from Faial, whatever lies in the fragrance of this drink that oozes slowly, Peter’s Café Sport will forever be the route of conviviality and fraternity.

Best bars in the world

Peter is a really nice person... even if you don’t drink.
Newsweek, 1986

Patrick Reyena

Associated Press, 1986

Paris has Harry's Bar; Singapore has Raffles, and New York has McSorley's Saloon. Faial in the middle of the Atlantic has Peter's Bar, where single-handed sailors meet.

João Carlos Fraga, Atlantis, 1988

The quays were almost deserted and the last foreigners from the cable companies, with their luggage already prepared to go, were having a farewell drink at a small bar near the port. It was a cozy café, painted blue with a handful of tables. It had been founded in the wake of the euphoric 1920s and was called "Café Sport." One day, from a port, Horta became a marina. And the small Café Sport grew to become one of the most famous bars in the world.

Air Açores No. 3, 1989

Assisted by his son José Azevedo, who gave it all the enthusiasm and affection that are the prerogative of youth, the museum came to life ... another contribution to the Azores and to Portugal by the family. In fact, Peter's great-grandfather, Ernesto Azevedo, participated at the Lisbon Industrial Exhibition in 1888, showcasing Azorean handicrafts products (lace, wicker, etc.) which he sold at his store "Bazar of Fayal - Manufacture's & Produts." And he won a gold medal. It was a century ago.

Best bars in the world

Peter's Sports Bar, Horta, Fayal, the Azores

The location in the middle of the Atlantic is far enough" - Bosson von Willebrand, Helsinki, Finland
Newsweek, 1989

A Capital, 1989

Triumphal entry into Peter’s Café

At Peter’s the entrance of Soares caused "ahs" of astonishment and an unusual buzz, as it was full of customers, mostly foreigners, who did not hide their admiration when they learned that it was the President of Portugal in flesh and bone who was there before them. After a visit to the café’s museum, known worldwide by the dozens and dozens of items made from whale tooth and expertly crafted with detailed drawings of all kinds, Mário Soares signed the guest book and savored Peter's equally famous gin and tonic.

Revista Petrogal, 1990

Ruben Rodrigues

Today, this cosmopolitan city is an authentic babel of masts, sails and languages, a welcoming "mansion" for knights-errant of the oceans that find in PETER and in his Café Sport a place of refuge and fellowship, which receives messages, exchanges foreign currency, provides weather forecasts and, above all, is a PAL.

Público Magazine, 1990

Today, though lost in the immensity of the sea, it is as cosmopolitan as few others are. Much of the fame it enjoys is due to a local "institution," recognized around the world but supremely and unjustly ignored by the Portuguese from the mainland: the Café Sport.

Deep Blue

...Café Sport, the symbol of free men walking through a beautiful world, borderless in terms of race and customs...

Jacinto - Nema Viladomier, 1990

Maria José Nogueira Pinto, Público, 1993

Night had fallen when I went to Peter’s, and while my companions judiciously purchased T-shirts, I was positively amazed by the scenes around me.
Peter’s Café Sport is one of the most beautiful things I have ever got to know. It is like a novel, a movie, a dream. At least for those who, like me, are Atlantic in their heart and soul and have a hopelessly romantic idea of ports, boats and traveling. The people around me do not disappoint. They come from the four corners of the world and form an unexpected group, cosmopolitan and universal, because Peter’s proudly calls itself "the place of refuge and assistance to yachtsmen crossing the Atlantic." From one surprise to another, I climb upstairs to see the scrimshaw, a museum where I enjoy dozens of whale teeth that sailors polished, engraved and painted with "the islands, the people and the nostalgic longing … during long journeys and waits." And there is also a picture of Neptune, who visited this sea in the great storm of 1986.

Stop in Paradise

Then I was immediately adopted by Henrique Azevedo. I couldn’t even think about looking for my own supplies.

Every morning Henrique carried baskets full of food as if I had a whole family on board. Henrique Azevedo is the owner of Café Sport, well known to all sailors, single-handed or not. Everyone speaks of him with well deserved enthusiasm and boasts his kindness and attention. How could I be so ungrateful as to forget that he contributed to make this stop one of the most wonderful and most painful to leave that I have ever experienced? If he only speaks English besides Portuguese, and his son Peter speaks good French.

Marcel Bardiaux, Book on the Port of Horta (Stop in Paradise)

Half-Safe: Across the Atlantic by Jeep

Henrique Azevedo, subtle, honest and generous to a fault of others, is one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever met.
Henrique purchases, sells or trades almost anything and is a sort of eccentric Saint Christopher for foreign sailors.

Ben Carlin


"O Gin do Peter
Ir à Horta e não ir ao Peter é, lá diz o ditado, falta grave ou melhor, lapso imperdoável.
O consumo do afamado gin tónico “per capita” é deveras impressionante e a simpatia e comunicação do proprietário fazem do Café Sport um caso à parte na arte de bem receber.
Existe de tudo, desde o Boletim Meteorológico, em telex original, à lista de câmbios actualizados, mas atenção que a máquina de café não pode continuar avariada, face aos riscos que se corre, atendendo também à impossibilidade de servir o “chá das cinco”, tão de agrado dos clientes estrangeiros e também dos nacionais!"


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